A Millwright is needed for our client’s plant in Cato Ridge.

The chosen candidate will be in charge of ensuring that the buildings and machinery that create agglomerates are operating at peak productivity.
Preventive maintenance, handling electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, and robotic system failures are all included in this (including software programming).
carry out repairs as best he can to assist the team in completing assignments.
The Maintenance Manager receives reports in this capacity.
Responsibility & Tasks
Minimal Conditions:

Red seal for a millwright.
experience at the plant level with solid maintenance management abilities.
knowledge of Microsoft Office.

The following characteristics

abilities in managing others and in leadership.

a demonstrated foundation in technology; interpersonal abilities.

the capacity to lead a variety of multifunctional team members.

talents in organization and follow-up.

competent in planning, decision-making, teamwork, and problem-solving.

being mindful of costs.


Ultimately, the role’s purpose is to


Organize and direct the site maintenance team to perform proactive and reactive multi-skilled maintenance on all operational machinery and building structures.

accountable for carefully preparing a schedule and completing things on time.

decrease in the mean time between failures and downtime and an increase in plant operational efficiency.

Manage and carry out improvement programs while maintaining compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Oversee the team’s adherence to technical best practices, set uniform regulations, and lead the department while providing guidance.

Must be available to take calls around-the-clock regarding pertinent issues that affect output. Important Duties Task and general management Follow daily and weekly inspections to make sure the site is operating properly. × Plan internal and external work(s) to optimize plant usage and minimize unanticipated downtime.
Supervise the team to ensure machine availability, working proactively with the shift supervisors to fix broken equipment.
Make sure to do the necessary routine maintenance on a variety of electro-mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation/programming systems.

Participate in numerous meetings and carry out/communicate orders. ×
Publish reports in writing.
Conduct a root cause analysis, then suggest and/or fix problems. Find areas for improvement
On-site contractors should be overseen to ensure they adhere to company and legal obligations. Maintenance Manage and develop a maintenance team that fulfills agreed-upon goals and produces best practice outcomes and added value.

Promote high standards consistently through personal example and team-wide implementation to ensure that every team member is aware of the standards and conduct required of them.

provide the team with technological know-how.

Work together and make sure the operating team is effectively interfaced.

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