Checkpoint for Safety at the Distribution Center

Type of Job Permanent
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Our Mount Edgecombe warehouse has an intriguing opening for a Security Checker on our Durban team. The Security Checker is responsible for ensuring that the standard operating procedures for the dispatch and receipt of inventory into the warehouse are strictly adhered to.

Warehouse Manager: Line Manager

Principal Performance Areas:
Managed outbound delivery procedure
Complete observance of the Outbound shipping standard operating procedures:
Ensure adherence to the vacuum Cage system.
Compare the stock transferred into the shipping cage to the picking list (item, quantity, batch number).
Report deviations to the Depot Manager.
Ensure the load files are current and that every document is accounted for.
Prior to opening the cage, investigate any discrepancies (quantity, batch number, cross picking) after the delivery team has inspected the cargo and before the cage is opened.
Using the invoices, aid in loading the vehicles.

Due to unsuccessful deliveries, examine and verify received stock.
Receive RDs (Returns and Redeliveries) from the delivery team.
Ensure the correct item and quantity is returned in accordance with the invoice.
Ensure the cargo is safely secured.
Once a credit note has been processed, release stock to the warehouse team.
Move RD inventory and invoice into the designated cage prior to driver and crew inspection.

Accuracy of dispatch for 911 / collections
Ensure that all 911/ collections contain the appropriate documentation in the load file.
Before releasing collection stock, a verification procedure is performed.
Verify that the inventory selected and invoiced corresponds to the Invoice (item, quantity, and batch number).

Secured Incoming Inventory Receipts
Inventory verification, reconciliation, and protection for inbound shipments.
Check that the serial number on the vehicle’s registration matches the number on the receiving paperwork and has not been tampered with.
Observe the process of vehicle unloading and palleting.
Receive the inventory in a lockable cage.
Check the incoming inventory physically (item, batch number, quantity) against the receiving paperwork.
Isolate damaged or out-of-date inventory.
Report all deviations to Management

Inventory control.
Perform daily cycle counting
At least 20 items are tallied blind every day. Using SAP for a stock audit.
Report damaged or expired inventory to the Depot Manager.
Participate in Inventory
Attend the inventory tally

Security consciousness.
Ensure OHASA compliance.
Inform management of unsafe labor practices or working conditions.
Administer the Breathalyzer test daily.

Observe and manage warehouse security.
Observe the cargo loading and unloading in the loading bay.
Inventory all damaged primary packaging by walking the warehouse
Enforce security and safety policies in order to maintain a safe working environment.

Matric Security / Logistics Postsecondary Accomplishment
Minimum 2-4 years of experience in a comparable environment.

Knowledge: surveillance fundamentals
Excellent observational and monitoring skills
Inventory administration
Excellent mathematical and counting skills

Competencies: Analytical Thinking Continuously Improving Decision Making
Invited Feedback Meeting Time Limits
Detail-Oriented Planning & Organizing
Preserving Productivity

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