Internship Programme: Community Activator

Position Open: Internship Program (Activator, Community)


For those who match the requirements listed below, we have a 12-month internship opportunity for an Administrative Assistant intern, supported by one of the big four banks. The post is located in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal, and is part of the Smart Start Programme at Training and Resources in Early Education (TREE).best jordan 4s Steelers Jerseys nike air max sale mens glueless wigs human hair official nfl shop best adidas running shoes adidas outlet store adidas shoes for men personalized jerseys sex toys for men nike air max 90 mens nike air max cb 94 release dates 2023 sex toys for sale we the best jordan 5 custom mlb jerseys

Conforming to the Bank’s Minimum Requirements:

High School Diploma required; Bachelor’s degree preferred.
One must be a citizen of South Africa.
Age range: 18-35
People who have been historically marginalized will be given priority.
do not have any prior experience working full-time (this is a First Job opportunity) and, ideally, do not have any prior experience working in a learnership or internship.
lack prior First Job Programme experience
You must be located within 40 kilometers of our offices and site in uMzimkhulu, Underberg (Bulwer), or Ixopo.
do not need to devote full time to school in order to participate fully in this internship.
accept the possibility of a background check, credit check, or other type of check that may be required by the company
No blood ties to the host; TREE-ECD
Possessing a valid driver’s license and proficiency with computers is a plus.
Required skill: familiarity with remote areas
You need to live in and be able to get around on foot in the surrounding rural areas.
Gain a Head The expansion and consolidation of the Smart Start Programme and footprint is something that may greatly benefit from the help of Community Activators. Facilitating, coordinating, and supporting crucial in-community administrative and operational functions for the Franchisor, the Community Activator acts as a localized support to Smart Start coaches and the Programme head. The following responsibilities will fall under the purview of this position, which has a trifold focus on supporting the growth of the Programme, the Smart Start value chain, and DSD registration when applicable.

Facilitating the Growth of Programmes

In-field primary research for demographic profiles of neighborhoods.
Additional field research to fill Programme gaps
Facilitating child registration franchisees
Backing the supply chain of Smart Start

Participating in Matching and Training and Providing Administrative Support
Gathering and compiling franchisee paperwork (i.e., ID copies certified by a third party, etc.)
Helping franchisees fill out required paperwork (Form 30).
Helping franchisees hire minors if and when they need it
Managing and evaluating a franchisee’s pre-licensing checklist
Providing technological assistance by dropping GPS pins at franchisees’ locations and checking addresses to submit in Smart Link.
Facilitating the collection and submission of attendance records from franchises and coaches
Carrying out “mystery shopper” tasks include performing spot inspections for The reliability and consistency of the training programs for the coaches
Facilitating the planning and execution of franchisee-specific trainings (e.g., in business skills)
Franchisees will receive guidance and instruction on how to use the Smart Start Chat bot.
Other tasks as given to provide direct administrative support to coaches.
Having faith in DSD registration

Coordinate the completion, collection, and submission of documentation required for DSD registration if applicable.

Excellent Communication Skills Meticulous Attention to Detail
Communication Abilities
Time Management That Actually Works
Ability to think ahead and make detailed plans
Typical Operation Work hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm with a 30-minute lunch break.

Payout: R4500

Date of First Internship Assignment: July 1, 2023

Date of Internship Completion: June 30, 2024

The deadline for internship applications is may

6, 2023.

Please note that in order to satisfy the bank’s criteria, the following forms must be completed and delivered by May 5, 2023.

Checklist of Necessary Paperwork

1. The internship form for the bank

official ID copy (issued within the last 3 months)
official verification of your highest degree (not older than 3 months).
letter(s) of recommendation
your extensive resume
2.Child protection checks (Form 29) (Only for finalist candidates)

Third, the Internship Questionnaire (for those who have been chosen).

Fourth, the MIE Check form (only for chosen candidates) (background check and credit)

5. Your banking information (according to the bank)

Internship Position
The agreement is for a year’s time.

Monthly salary of R4,500.00

Questions of Relevance

Is Matriculation behind you?
You seem to be from South Africa, right?
Are you a young adult (person aged 18-34)?
If you get the job, will it be your first professional job?
Do you have any experience with the First Job Programme? or some other form of internship/training program?
Do you spend all of your time at school?
Do you agree to a background and credit check being performed?
Do you have any kinship ties to anyone at the host company?
Do you know how to use a computer and do you have a license to drive a car?
How close to Ixopo, uMzimkhulu, and/or Underberg (Bulwer) do you live?
Can you go around Ixopo, uMzimkhulu, and/or Underberg (Bulwer) with ease?
Date of Application Closing: 5/06/2023
Scheduled to Begin on: July 3, 2023

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