Manager of Training for Agriculture Beef Manager of Training for Agriculture Beef

Salary of R30,000 per month
Type of Job: Contract Extensive Job Description

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Afri grow is an agribusiness corporation with a national mandate to implement an agriculture and agro-processing training program for post-matriculated youth in KwaZulu-Natal. The number of pupils expected to complete the program (3,750) justifies the establishment of five training centers throughout the KZN province. In accordance with SAQA standards and applicable SETAs, the training programs and/or qualifications are designed to provide 70% theoretical knowledge and 30% practical application over a 12-month period. This exercise requires Afrigrow to establish a well-functioning Training and Development Department led by a Training Manager who is suitably qualified and experienced.

Afrigrow is seeking an experienced Training and Development Manager in order to design and manage its training strategy, supervise the implementation plan across its five training centre, and evaluate their performance outcomes. The successful candidate will identify training and development requirements and drive appropriate training initiatives that strengthen firm loyalty. The Training Manager is responsible for working across all subject areas and ensuring that Training Coordinators for each learning area are current on both their specific vertical and the organization’s overall requirements.

2. Responsibilities

The training manager shall be responsible for the following duties: –

Using job analysis, career paths, annual performance reviews, and consultation with training coordinators, identify and assess future and current training requirements.
Create a comprehensive or individualized training and development plan that addresses requirements and goals.
Utilize a variety of training techniques.
Conduct efficient orientation and induction sessions.
Periodically evaluate and report on the program’s efficacy, success, and return on investment.
Provide opportunities for continued growth.
Resolve any specific issues and adjust training programs accordingly.
Maintain an acute awareness of training developments, trends, and best practices.
3. prerequisites and abilities

A Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a Master’s Degree
Proven track record as a Training Manager.
A history of designing and implementing effective training programs.
Familiarity with conventional and innovative training techniques (mentoring, guidance, on-the-job or in-class training, e-learning, workshops, simulations, etc.).
Outstanding communication and leadership abilities
Ability to effectively plan, multitask, and manage time.
Strong writing and recordkeeping skills for training manuals and reports.
Excellent computer and database knowledge

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the Training Manager shall focus on the following areas: –

4.1 Instructional Content Development

Print and distribute appropriate learning materials (learning materials) for the aforementioned training areas.
4.2 Provision of instruction

Conduct pre- and post-training evaluations for all coordinators and facilitators of training.
Distribute both accredited and non-accredited training at multiple locations and virtually simultaneously.
4.3 Effectiveness of Training and Evidence

Register participants for all trainings.
Evaluation and analysis of post-training administration must be included in the final report.
Prepare and submit training reports to BZ upon completion of each conducted training.
Provide a report demonstrating the effectiveness and impact of the training by attributing and linking training results to training.
5. Conditions of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Training Manager shall emphasize the following KPIs.

5.1 Experiences

Formal education and/or qualification(s) in the subject matter that will be covered in the relevant training.
Experience creating and composing training modules and workbooks.
Experience facilitating farmer and agricultural stakeholder training.
Expertise in maximizing the development and effectiveness of civil society organizations.
Understanding and familiarity with government-administered training programmes and SAQA standards.
Working knowledge of the Department of Agriculture and other pertinent government departments, including Labor.

An added benefit is registration with a relevant SETA that will issue a Statement of Results (SOR).
Prior experience delivering comparable training programs is preferred.
6. Annual Salary (Cost to Company): R520,000.00

The successful candidate will be offered a salary of R40,000.00 per month, excluding travel expenses, as they will be required to travel to all training centers. A yearly revenue of R520,000.

7. Presentation of Documents

Please submit a brief resume outlining your qualifications and a written research project.

The parcel must also contain a photocopy of your ID and driver’s license. Please send all documents to

Type of Work: Contract
Contract duration: twelve months

Starting salary: R3000.00 per month

Capacity for commuting/relocating:

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal: Reliable commuting or relocation plans prior to employment start (Required)
Application Deadline: May 15, 2023
Expected Start Date: June 1,

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