Cash Solutions Teller in South Africa

Position Description Teller at a Cash Center

We are a leading provider of integrated cash management solutions here at G4s Cash Solutions (SA), and we currently have an opening for a Temp Cash Centre Teller to be based out of our operations in Durban.

This position is accountable to the Cash Centre Supervisor for accurately counting, balancing, and reconciling the money that has been provided by customers in accordance with the policies and procedures governing cash processing.

The successful incumbent is a self-starter who has a proven track record in maintaining company policy, adopting best practices, and is able to exercise sound judgment in the pursuit of the organization’s goals and the role that operations plays within a successful business unit. In addition, the successful incumbent is able to exercise sound judgment in the pursuit of achieving the goals of the organization. It will be expected of the incumbent that they are driven by results and that they live by the values of the organization.

Principal Duties and Obligations
in order to handle the distribution of all cash bags and containers in an efficient manner. in order to accurately count, balance, pack, and reconcile the cash belonging to the consumers.

Take responsibility for the receipt of all bags and containers.

It is necessary to disperse the bags and containers to the various locations.
Make sure that all of the receipting is completed; make sure that all of the work that is received each day is processed and cleared on the system; check that the information that is printed on the bags is accurate;
Observe each and every one of the guidelines and protocols.
Carry out activities that occur on a daily basis.

Charged with ensuring the safety, promptness, and precision of the processing of consumer deposits.
Assist in the preparation of currency and cash orders placed by customers
Contribute to the completion of any additional pertinent tasks and obligations that the management may from time to time request from you.
In charge of operating a number of different high-speed pieces of equipment
Maintain a record of deposits within internal systems.
Determine any cash disparities with customers in a proactive manner, notify them to the supervisor so that they may be corrected, and try to avoid having any negative impact on the customers.
Required to obtain training in a variety of different processes in order to provide support for all Cash Processing services
Arrangement of Cash and Coin

Authenticating large sums of money
Perform coin and cash count checks on incoming and outgoing transactions with the respective institutions and clients.
Ensure that the sums of all transactions are accurate.
Bring the bulk total and money into balance.
Instruction, as well as Health and Safety

Finish all of the required training for compliance.
Attendance at all role-specific training and completion of it effectively are requirements
Observe the protocols that have been established for the counting, packaging, balancing, reconciling, and sorting of cash and coins.
Uphold a position that is high in both trust and responsibility.
Take part in the company’s various safety discussions and forums.
Please inform the appropriate parties of any incidents involving safety concerns.
Participate in safety programs for education and refresher training.
Observe all of the workplace’s health and safety rules and regulations.
Always make sure you’re wearing protective gear.
The Ideal Candidate in Terms of Their Experience and Qualifications

Completion of the 12th grade with mathematics or accounting, together with one to three years of relevant teller job experience, is preferred. Knowledge and skills that include a solid comprehension of the fundamental financial concepts and information

Knowledge of Computers
Effective communication abilities both orally and in writing
Strict observance of all relevant policies and operating procedures
The viewpoint of the customer
Capability to work effectively in groups Flexibility in terms of working hours, including availability on weekends, will be necessary.
Lifting, moving of heavy containers and trolleys, and other physical labor are required for this role.
Capacity to perform well under adverse conditions
Security-consciousness and attention to detail We encourage applications from all individuals who have the necessary qualifications, but citizens of South Africa will have a significant edge in the selection process.

About This Organization
G4S is the most successful worldwide security solutions organization in the world.

The company specializes in the outsourcing of business processes in industries in which the possibility of security and safety breaches is regarded as a significant danger. G4S is the company with the most employees that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Additionally, the company is listed on the stock exchange in Copenhagen. As one of the largest private employers in the world, G4S has operations in more than 90 countries and employs more than 540,000 people, making us one of the largest private employers in the world.

Our goal at G4S South Africa is to become the industry standard bearer when it comes to the provision of security solutions. As a result, one of our primary goals is to cultivate and preserve a workforce that is not just capable and motivated but also proud to work for our area and able to execute our commercial strategy. In order to effectively engage our workers, we are continuing to make improvements to the already great people management procedures that are in place across the Group.

An Cash Solutions Teller in South Africa organization such as G4S is characterized by its core values, which are as follows:

Our commercial dealings and relationships are founded on trust, honesty, and open communication, and we conduct ourselves with integrity in everything that we do. We keep our word and make every effort to behave ethically in every situation. We are attentive. Respect is something that we show not only to our coworkers and customers, but also to those who are in our care.

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees as well as the satisfaction of our clients and customers. We place a high priority on maintaining a secure environment for both our coworkers and our clients. Because of our expertise in the field of security, we are able to safeguard the property of our clients. We are committed to keeping our word and providing exceptional levels of service to each and every one of our patrons.
We are able to accomplish this through Creative Problem Solving and Collaborative Efforts. In order to consistently improve the products and services that we provide, we invest in cutting-edge technology and industry standards. We set ourselves the challenge of discovering novel approaches to assisting our clients in accomplishing their objectives. To ensure the best possible outcomes for both our clients and our company, we prioritize teamwork and recognize the value in the contributions of each individual member.
Please visit if you would like further information on G4S.

The description of the package
The corporation will pay a salary and provide benefits in accordance with its policy and practice.

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