Practitioner of Education in Charge of Assistant Training and Development


Give Help and Assistance to the Stakeholders
1.1 You are tasked to offer help to both internal and external stakeholders by attending to any and all questions or concerns.

1.2. Inform relevant parties of recent changes in the Post-School Education and Training Sector and work to improve their understanding of these changes.

1.3. Communicate with the sub sector on TETA’s policies, processes, and systems, and provide them with the necessary skills

1.4 Respond to questions that stakeholders may have regarding the contract.

1.5 You are required to take part in TETA and Stakeholder forums, workshops, and career exhibits.

1.6: Spread Awareness of the TETA Brand.

The Chamber’s Administration and Financial Matters
2.1. Encourage the Handling of Freight Participation in the Mandatory Grant system from the various subsectors.

2.2. Keep a record of grant payment claims, both discretionary and mandatory, and evaluate them.

2.3. Balance the books by recalculating payments and managing cancellation and excess declaration schedules.

2.4 You are responsible for ensuring that the financial commitment schedules for all active contracts are kept up to date and accurate.

2.5 Make sure that the banking information provided by stakeholders is correct so that mandatory and discretionary grant claims can be paid out.

2.6 Inspire the purchase of products and services and verify their delivery by means of vouchers for goods and services received.

In the subsector 3.1, be the driving force behind the execution of the National Skills Development Plan (NSDP), and provide advice to the subsector on how to implement the NSDP.

3.2 Contribute to the development of the sub-sector’s contribution to the Sector Skills Plan by taking part in research and knowledge-building efforts.

3.3 You are tasked with putting learning programs like learnerships, Occupational Qualifications, skills programs, and Work Integrated Learning into action while also monitoring their implementation.

The Execution of the Contract for Discretionary Grants and the Grants Required by Law
4.1 Provide assistance to stakeholders in order to record WSP and ATR on the TETA system.

4.2 Evaluating the WSP/ATR application and providing any relevant feedback on it.

4.3 Provide assistance in the creation of models and agreements for the application of discretionary grants.

4.4. In addition to receiving, registering, and evaluating applications for discretionary grants, you must also create a recommendation timetable.

4.5 Be responsible for the management, oversight, and assistance of the implementation of discretionary grants.

4.6 Construct and put together the relevant monitoring reports for mandatory as well as discretionary grants.

Verify all supporting documentation that have been provided and will be used for the reporting of both mandatory and discretionary awards.

5.2 You are required to create reports on the implementation of projects funded by Mandatory Grants and Discretionary Grants and submit them on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

5.3 You are obligated to prepare and turn in performance reports detailing the accomplishment of predetermined goals.

5.4 You are required to compile a report on discretionary grant projects and ensure that it is kept up to date.

5.5. Compile monitoring reports using information gathered from visits by stakeholders or from online monitoring.

Help with the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding with Adopted Schools, PSET institutions, and the sub-sector.

6.2. Provide financial assistance to career exhibition activities on a national, provincial, and adopted school level.

6.3 Take part in additional national and provincial programs, as well as the provincial skills development forum.


1. Prior Accomplishments and Professional Recognition

M+3 qualification in HRM/HRD/ETD or any appropriate tertiary qualification is required for this position.
At least four years’ worth of experience working in the education, training, or development sector is required.
Extensive experience working in many administrative capacities.
Experience working in an environment related to SETA or the transportation sector is highly desirable.
Knowledge and experience in the administration of WSP and ATR.
You should be prepared to put in extra hours and travel.
2. Expertise and Capabilities

2.1 A familiarity with and a grasp of:

The atmosphere of the SETA.
Administration of contracts.
Management of a project.
SDA, SDLA, NQF, and other related pieces of law are all included here.
2.2. Abilities

Skills in administration and project management are desirable.
Strong verbal and written communication skills in the interpersonal realm.
Competence with proper use of the telephone.
computer abilities, specifically Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint.
Conduct appropriate for an online meeting.
Possessing a valid driver’s license will be to your advantage.
Only those individuals who already satisfy the prerequisites should submit an application by uploading a complete curriculum vitae and a cover letter to the website The TETA Employment Equity Plan will be applied to each and every applicant that is received. The applicant is the one who is responsible for ensuring that their international credentials are examined by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). The deadline for submission of applications is set for Wednesday, August 30th, 2023.

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