Coordinator of Learning and Development for Power Fashion

An employee will be required to coordinate, record, and report on the logistical activities necessary to deliver learning solutions for the Power Fashion division in order to fulfill the responsibilities of this function. To make best use of our Learning Management System, you will need to have an excellent attention to detail and the ability to organize your thoughts effectively.

Primary duties and tasks

Coordination refers to:
1. Ensure that all sessions of the L&D learning solutions are successfully implemented by coordinating the many logistical components (research, schedule, plan, capture, and report) of the delivery of the L&D learning solutions. Examples of this could be:
2. Organizing the scheduling of learning solutions or carrying out the learning solution schedules that have been provided by program managers. (Booking of internal and external training venues, booking accommodation, facilitators, and resources).
3. Communication with relevant parties (including attendees, line managers, facilitators, the Group Learning and Development team, external facilitators, and external venues, among other parties).
4. Maintain communication with Group Learning and Development stakeholders as well as Area Managers, HR Business Partners, retailers, and external vendors. Communicate through a variety of channels, including point-of-sale terminals, text messages, and email.
5. Give feedback to the necessary parties and monitor the occupancy rate, which includes both attendance and non-appearance.
6. Orient new members of the team coming from the different departments at the support center.
7. Ensure that training for new stores is scheduled and communicated with delegates and Area Managers in a timely manner by planning it and ensuring that it happens.

Administration and Reporting:

1. Accurately record and store attendance registers, delegate feedback forms, and other similar documents.
2. Keep a close eye on the allocation of funds for training.
3. Record the invoices from the vendors.
4. aid the Group Skills Development Facilitator with the collection of information on SETA Learnerships and aid with WSP/ATR reporting.

System for the Management of Learning:

1. Ensure that the most up-to-date version of the learning content (such as classroom training, online programs, articles, videos, curricula, pre- and post-assessments, and so on) is loaded onto the Learning Management System in an accurate manner by correctly loading new and updated learning material.
2. Assist users, as needed, in navigating the Learning Management System (LMS) utilizing the Learning and Development Programme Managers framework.
3. Provide evidence that training has been completed by obtaining reports from the LMS.

Requirements at a bare minimum.

a finished diploma or degree in human resources management or a learning and development qualification.
A minimum of three and preferably more years of experience working in the administration of learning and development programs.
Excel, Outlook, and Word are all areas that you excel in using Microsoft Office.

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