Mercedes Diesel Mechanic needed in the United Kingdom.

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The recruitment of Mercedes Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and Truck Mechanics is a cooperation between GlobalForce Resource Ltd. and a renowned Mercedes Dealership in the United Kingdom.

The video interviews are scheduled to take place in the spring and summer of 2023, with screenings taking place beforehand.

If you are a qualified and experienced HGV/TRUCK Technician with experience working inside a Mercedes dealership and are thinking about moving, this might be your opportunity to secure a position with a leading Mercedes dealership and have a clear pathway to gaining residence in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please visit

Applicants who are successful will hold relevant trade qualifications and have between three and five years of post-qualification experience working at a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Why would you want to go to the UK?

The United Kingdom is a treasure trove of artistic and cultural riches. The British way of life is built on a foundation of cultural variety, which is embraced in both the workplace and the communities. The United Kingdom is home to a number of the world’s most renowned cultural institutions, including museums, art galleries, music venues, athletic events, and theaters.

According to the Better Life Index, the United Kingdom has a quality of life that is comparable to that of some of the most advanced countries. It came to the conclusion that the areas in which the United Kingdom genuinely excelled among industrialized countries were its excellent environmental quality, its social involvement, its personal security, and its opportunity for interaction with civic society.

In addition, the United Kingdom is home to some of the most desirable locations on the planet for starting and raising a family. The educational system in the country is of a very high standard, and there are numerous employment prospects available in just about every region.

What the Technician’s Job Really Entails…

The primary responsibility of this position is to service, repair, and maintain commercial vehicles in a manner that is timely, safe, and as cost-effective and efficient as possible, all while ensuring that all health and safety policies and procedures are complied with in full.

To name a few responsibilities:

Make sure that all of the work that has been assigned is finished within the allotted amount of time for repairs.

Ensure that the clocking in on all assigned jobs is 100% accurate

Ensure that all repairs are carried out in compliance with the requirements outlined by the customer and the workshop.

To ensure that all repairs are completed in the most cost-effective manner possible while serving the needs of the customer, you must:

Make sure that all things that are serviceable or that need to be repaired are recorded on the inspection sheet or the TruckFile.

Make sure that every piece of work is completed to the highest possible standard.

Make sure that no car is returned because of shoddy work or an incorrect diagnosis.

Make certain that all health and safety processes, regulations, and procedures are followed to in a scrupulous manner at all times.

Make sure that all of the service papers and the TruckFile are filled out in their entirety and accurately signed.

Make sure that all of the inspection forms and the TruckFile are properly filled out and signed.

Ensure that every item that has been repaired is recorded and signed as having been mended

Items that are not repaired should be notified to the workshop control or the customer as soon as possible.

Make sure that a test of the brakes is performed on each and every inspection.

Ensure that no vehicle is delivered to the customer with unresolved PG9 faults unless a disclaimer has been signed.

Check that the work has been booked with all of the lubricants and consumables.

Make certain that all of the job card write-ups are readable, accurate, factual, and that they adequately justify the amount of time spent on the project.

Achieve a first-time MOT pass rate of 100 percent.

You are expected to participate in training programs on an as-needed and desired basis.

Ensure that the company’s tools are used in the appropriate and correct manner.

Please inform the Manager of any tools that are either broken or missing.

Maximize the utilization of diagnostic equipment while minimizing the amount of downtime experienced by customers

Be capable at locating problems and finding solutions to them.

Ensure that any proposed changes in standard operating procedures are actively promoted.

aspire to obtain a license to operate an LGV

Have a fundamental working knowledge of the procedures and processes involved in the manufacturer’s warranty as well as repairs and maintenance.

Check that all warranty, repair, and maintenance items are properly labeled and positioned in the appropriate spot.

Maintain proactive communication with workshop control on a consistent basis regarding the estimated completion times of customer orders.

Provide evidence that you are capable of working alone

Boosting the effectiveness of the workshop through the exchange of experiences

Ensure a high level of caution when operating business cars by adhering to the following guidelines:

Ensure that all of the clients’ vehicles are kept in immaculate condition at all times and that cab protection equipment is used.

Please make yourself available for the breakdown rota.

Competencies and Accreditations…

Candidates who are qualified for the position should have the following skill set:

Only candidates with complete training as a Mercedes Truck/HGV Technician will be considered.

Successful applicants are required to hold a Trade qualification and have between three and five years of post-qualification experience

Must demonstrate a commitment to expanding their skill set by continual training in any area that may be required

• Capability to demonstrate exceptional customer service by delivering a pleasant and helpful service to new customers as well as consumers who have previously purchased from them

• Ensure that best practice processes and procedures are followed at all times

a work ethic based on the “can do” motto

Person who is conscientious about both punctuality and timing

Method of approaching work that is malleable and adaptive, as well as working hours

There were no security breaches at the facility or with the vehicles.

Be willing to go the additional mile when necessary

Make a positive impact on the organization’s progress as a whole

Upon completion of each job, ensure that the work space and its surrounding areas are clean and orderly.

At all times, check to see that the personnel toolbox is secured and chained.

Make sure the working area is kept clean and organized, paying special attention to health and safety concerns.

Make sure that all of the required personal protective equipment is worn at all times, and promptly report any defects or shortcomings to the leadership.

Ensure that all trash is disposed of in the appropriate manner, ensuring that there is a one hundred percent compliance with the policies and procedures of the organization.

Applicants must be able to provide evidence that they are committed to establishing a long-term residence in the United Kingdom.

Compensation Arrangements……

The hourly rate ranges from thirteen pounds to fourteen and a half pounds, depending on the technician’s level of experience.

Shift Allowance: If a technician is willing to work late and night shifts on a rotating basis, they will earn an additional payment of £25 per day in addition to their regular salary.

The hourly rate is increased by 1.4 times for any overtime worked.

Our clients in the United Kingdom offer monetary assistance toward the payment of moving expenses in accordance with the recommendations of His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. This allows for a maximum tax-free support benefit of £2,500, which can be applied toward the cost of obtaining a visa, using NHS services, flying, or initially renting an apartment. Specifics regarding what will be covered during the interview with the prospective employer.

Added Advantages

22 days of paid vacation time every year, in addition to paid time off for legal holidays. Once two full calendar years of service have been completed, an employee’s entitlement to this benefit will increase to 25 days each year.

Colleagues who have successfully completed a probationary period of six months are eligible for a discounted car lease rate. Availability of a wide variety of brands and models

Insurance for tools, providing the individual with comprehensive protection for their tools at no additional cost

Life Assurance: a death benefit in the amount of two times the employee’s annual pay

• Discounts for coworkers on new and used automobiles, as well as maintenance and components

Are you ready to apply?……

Any potential applicants who are interested in discussing the roles with Global Force are more than welcome to do so. Therefore, if you are considering moving to a new location and are eager to pursue a career as a heavy truck mechanic in Canada, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

Type of Employment: Full-Time

Pay ranges between R260.00 and R300.00 per hour

Questions Regarding the Application:

Are you certain that you want to start a new life in the United Kingdom?
Have you completed the necessary training for your trade, and do you have at least two years of experience after qualifying?
Do you possess the necessary qualifications, including experience and skills, as outlined in the job description?

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